Day 24: Favourite accessory of the Doctor’s

Oh dear me. I guess I would have to say the sonic screwdriver, because I’m guessing the TARDIS doesn’t count as a accessory? If it does I pick her. It would otherwise be really cool to have a sonic, imagine have much easier your life would be. And I’m old-school, I like the blue one best.



Day 23: Something epic

Gosh I just realized I have shown like no love for the eleventh doctor or Amy Pond at all, which is not right because I love them a lot too, as well as the ninth doctor. So for this I am going with one of my favourite episodes; A Good Man Goes To War.

Day 22: Something silly

Hole punch, having that, stapler, mine, toy cactus, you can have that Beatrice, catch. Cliff, I’d leave you my mouse mat, but I’m worried you’d cut yourself.

Also: “Well, sack one of this lot. Sack Cliff. He just sits there. Don’t know what he does all day. Sorry, Cliff. Actually, I’m not sorry. What do you do all day?

Oh Donna, my darling.

Day 20: Prettiest scene

I really love the entire look of 1×09 and 1×10, which is “The Empty Child” and “The Doctor Dances”. I can’t really put my finger on why I flippin’ love the look of the episodes but I know it has a lot to do with what Rose is wearing (yes I can be a bit shallow, sue me). It’s awesome. I just think they are very beautiful.