I’m back Baby

So finally I’m back and busy with this blog. Had a little hiatus. I finished the doctor who challenge and I really enjoyed that, and got some lovely feedback on it as well so if I find something similar for some other show, I might do that as well.

But now, let’s get back to my current life. I got a netflix account, possibly a bad decision because I might never leave. I have already finished Firefly and now I’m watching season 2 of Torchwood. Will bring updates. If you’re extremely curious of what I’m up to you can go look through my tumblr; I spend most of my time there; http://zooeyrush.tumblr.com

Latest addiction is Ashes to Ashes which I love. Have only seen two episodes so I thought I might review season 1 when I’m done.

Do you have any series you think I really should check out? Would love to get some ideas.

Tomorrow: CASTLE



stupid otp

Yeah so I was going to post the next doctor who day today because it is time but I’m not going to. Because it’s late now and I’m going to sleep. Blame these assholes who distracted me all day:

Fringe 5×01: Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11 (spoilers)

SOBBING FOR ETERNITY. IT WAS SO GOOD. MY FEELINGS WERE ALL OVER THE PLACE. The reunions combined with the fuckgood scenes and the fact that there are now only twelve more episodes to air EVER left me a total wreck. The episode was a perfect intro to the new season I thought. They didn’t drag anything out and we got Olivia back and they got Walter back in the same episode and they are all together; they can work out a new plan. They are the fucking Dunham family. They can do anything. I also loved the flashback scene, I hope they have more of those, to kind of show Olivia and Peter when she was pregnant and the first three years with Etta. That would be lovely.


Castle 5×01 (SPOILERS)

This episode was everything I could have wished for. Sexy caskett moments, especially that last one, and at least for a while, an end to the murder of Johanna Beckett. Kate can have some peace of mind for a little while. Fantastic way to start the season, and I’m so looking forward to the rest.