Day 30: Why do YOU love doctor who?

I love Doctor Who with all of my heart because:

  • I love Great Britain
  • I love sci-fi
  • I love aliens and space
  • I love big epic adventures
  • I love getting my heart broken

Doctor Who gives me all of this, but most of all, most importantly to me;

Whether it’s on tumblr, on blogs, on forums or with friends; Doctor Who has given me a home. 


Day 29: Favourite music/song

Alrighty, do you have some free time on your hand? Because this post might get a bit long. I love a lot of the dw music, I own all of the soundtracks. Let’s take a journey;

Series one/two:

Series three:

Series four:

Series five:


If you actually listened to all of these you might notice a running theme; all of them makes you want to cry. Sorry about that. But it’s wonderful is it not? All of this music; just epic.