Day 27: Scene/moment that made you go “argh”

Well, every episode that has ever seen a companion go? Well, add some screaming, sobbing and hairpulling to the argh and there you have it.

This is one scene that made me want to throw something at the screen:

I remember watching this for the first time and just screaming; to flippin’ soon dude! Not cool!



Day 22: Something silly

Hole punch, having that, stapler, mine, toy cactus, you can have that Beatrice, catch. Cliff, I’d leave you my mouse mat, but I’m worried you’d cut yourself.

Also: “Well, sack one of this lot. Sack Cliff. He just sits there. Don’t know what he does all day. Sorry, Cliff. Actually, I’m not sorry. What do you do all day?

Oh Donna, my darling.